Our commercial debt collection services are 100% contingent. Experienced collectors are available to successfully recover your funds from businesses, foreign or domestic, in record time. Our network of seasoned attorneys is also available when needed.

We are paid only when we are successful recovering your outstanding balances. Our experts examine the circumstances surrounding each claim in order to effectively determine the strategic approach that will result in the quickest recovery. Less than 2% of our files are recommended for litigation. Our approach has resulted in increased debt recovery percentages for our clients, and has greatly reduced the need for costly judgment enforcement used by typical debt collection agencies.

Our Process

All accounts placed with our office for collections are analyzed (i.e. credit score, commercial credit risk analysis, asset searches, etc…). We review the debtor’s payment history, payment trends, state and federal tax lien information, UCC filings, unpaid liens/judgments, and other pertinent risk factors.

After determining the debtor’s ability to pay, the collection process is initiated. In our experience, the greatest success is achieved in initial debtor contact when our conversations are based on factual information obtained from our investigations. The benefit for our clients is increased payments of balances in full, fewer settlements, and less litigation.

24/7 access to your claims! You may check the status of your placed claims at any time. Clients have access to all contact documentation as well as payment information.