At Nelson Cruz & Associates, we strive to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of meeting goals set by ourselves and by our clients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and a level of accountability that make our clients and our team proud to work with us. We understand that businesses face unique challenges. With this in mind, we offer customized business solutions for each client. Our consultative process establishes the appropriate strategy for your company’s asset recovery funding, and remarketing needs. In our experience, this approach leads to the very best results for our clients in terms of recovery, maximum return on assets, and customer retention.

We believe the key to our success at Nelson Cruz & Associates requires consistently providing the very best debt recovery, funding, and remarketing solutions possible. This means never compromising our standards and always treating our clients fairly. In an industry full of corruption, mainly characterized by “over-promising and under-delivering,” Nelson Cruz & Associates is committed to setting itself apart by always taking an honest approach to doing business.